Meet the Smiths!

Photo by Kristy Copperfield Photography

Meet the Smith Family!

In the beginning of March, Matt was a commercial fisherman, selling fish to Maui’s seafood restaurants and the wholesalers, and Liz was running a busy surf school.  We had two kids in two upcountry schools, and we were looking forward to heading to the west coast for some spring break skiing.

Like everyone else, our world flipped upside down a couple weeks ago, when we lost our two main sources of income, cancelled our travel plans, and decided to foster 3 tiny kittens as well. 

 What could we do? Well, we could still catch fish, and instead of primarily offering it to the tourist-heavy restaurants, we decide to deliver it straight to the residents of Maui instead.  

We offer the freshest whole fish possible, delivered straight to your door only hours after being caught. 

We have created a tutorial video for how to fillet a mahi-mahi, and we’ll be creating more videos and recipes as our services expand. 

We are simultaneously learning how to help our children with their new distance learning schools, so please excuse any delays. 

We are overwhelmed with the support that we’ve received from the community, and we look forward to meeting even more of you in the future, and keep sharing those filleting and fish dish photos, especially the ones with the kiddos! 

Published by Maui Fish Delivery

Introducing Maui Fish Delivery: Fish with a Purpose. Bringing Fresh Fish to the Residents of Maui.

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