Launching a new boat, launching a new business….

 Launched during a time of global crisis, and facing the loss of two incomes, Maui Fish Delivery was created with a mission of providing the island’s residents with the freshest fish possible, quickly delivered to the consumer, by the same fisherman that reeled it in.  

Matt Smith has been providing local restaurants with fresh fish for over a decade.   With the closure of the restaurants, families are staying in, growing their own vegetables, hunting for meat, and supporting local growers and businesses more than ever.  Fish, sustainably caught by Maui fishermen, can sometimes be difficult to find here on Maui.  We are by-passing the middle-man and delivering whole fish directly to our clients.

This is the time to get back to our families and to nature.  We are planting vegetable gardens, baking fresh bread, playing board games with our families. 

We will all get through this challenging time, ideally with a fresh new outlook, and having gained at least one skill. Our goal is to get as many people on Maui learning how to fillet fish, and eating as cleanly as possible! We are thrilled to discover how many of you are sharing this passion.

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